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On the night of February 28, while theFrontwas campaigning, a group of the youth used M-16 rifles to open fire at the BJP workers at the Bus Stand in Srinagar. One of them, Javed Khan, was hit and killed. Apparently, theFrontmilitants were organized along religious lines as far as their names were concerned: Abdullah, Nisar, Zuhair, Nasar, Molam, Junaid, Ahsan and Raees. In contrast, one of the leaders of the then dominant NC was targeted (Nisar Khan). TheFrontwas able to get a majority in the assembly, after the elections of 1977, theFrontelected its first Chief Minister as Naima Bano. She gave a speech on her stepping into office that spoke volumes to her opposition and about the future of the people of Kashmir.

Naima Bano began a development programme for the good of the people of Kashmir, and it ensured that the people of Kashmir did not face any hardships, all the while the Indian forces launched a counter insurgency operation to destroy theFront, and a blockade for an indefinite period was imposed on the people of Kashmir.

While theFrontwas in office, numerous atrocities were committed against the Kashmiri Muslim community. Just like the public mutilation of women after the Herbal-Tea factory riots of 1988, the rape of many local women began the same year. They were raped by the Indian Army and the Police, the latter recruited by the Army, and the former by the militants of the NC and the Jamaat-e-Islami.

Not only were the Kashmiri women raped and sexually assaulted, they were subjected to such rapes since January 1990, and the assaults by the Indian military and police have continued to this day. The Indian military had established camps across the valley and made these camps its headquarters to conduct massive assaults against the community. 3d9ccd7d82

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