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Seven Souls Online

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Seven Souls Online

according to this wiki page , some players began experiencing issues after their names changed. here is the steam support article on this issue. name changes happen automatically when a player changes their steam id for convenience. that's why it's a good idea to double-check that your new name is correct before logging into dark souls.

weve had a lot of conversations with fans on the topic of souls cameras. they used to have this in the past, and they didnt like it. the issue was that the camera was too high in relation to the player. in elden ring at least it was not exploitable as it uses a different camera system. to sum up what i said in the other thread, the camera is a) lower for 360 and b) you can put in a button to switch between cameras.

i didnt see this but one player on amylum desu four mugs fourm said that this game has better scaling than dark souls. because it wasnt exploitable, we can only assume it uses the remotes system which is a touch screen which has a radius of touching it to set x and y values. theres also a hotkey to go up and down. its more intuitive and usefull than having that one camera.

in an interesting move, the dark souls games that made it to xbox one have been upscaled to hd 1080p, but neither co-op nor online modes are available. at least we know its still using that great multiple camera system that we saw when dark souls 2 was released.

were interested to see what the new camera system is like - hopefully, theyre not using the 360s old camera system which used to be too high up to control. we dont know exactly what that system is but the new game (presumably) has a key board or touch screen control for that. 3d9ccd7d82

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