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GT-100 Driver 2.0 Crack PORTABLE

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Your amp specs are close to the minimum. Most Marshall amps work best above the 40-50-60-70-80-90-100W range. So, dont worry about that. This rig should work well enough for your needs if you keep your volume under a good amount. With that said, below is a simple suggestion to get you started. Plug the blues driver into the Boss DS-2 input and your amp into your 2nd channel and utilize its volume control. Maybe you will like it. It depends a lot on your tonal preferences and even more on the amp you have. Either way, good luck in your search.

I have an Aguilar strat. Im looking for something to broaden my sound, but still keep the Strat in there. Is the amp sufficient for this, and would you put the Blues Driver on the clean amp channel or on the second channel

My daughter has a Squier strat, and some great tones. I would like to emulate the tones I hear using the Blues Driver, but she doesnt really dig the Greenbacks, so I dont have that problem of a small budget. The amp is decent to mid 80s. Would this be enough for emulating that sound

I have a few Marshalls, but I have not owned a tube amp for some time. I enjoy the Blues Driver in my rig, but I would like to emulate the overdrive that I hear from my amp while I have my tube amp plugged in. What would you recommend

After all these years since the first release of the GT-100 Driver 2.0, finally after my first time using it. I just want to tell you guys what a phenomenal pedal it is. I havent had any issue with it except for one I will tell you about. The first pedal I ever owned and love is the MXR Distortion +. After a few years of abuse the volume pot in the distortion + got all warped and noisy, so I sold it to a friend who uses it and still has it today. Anyway, a few days ago I bought the GT-100 Drivers 2.0 and have been extremely happy with it. My distortion plus is an almost fully used pedal now and this new pedal is sooo much better than it and has the added benefit of having two volume controls instead of one. I havent had any issues with it at all and as you know Ive had a lot of broken pedals. As for the GT-100 Driver 2.0, i would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants the best possible distortion pedal and its really great to be able to switch between two distortions (if your afraid of breaking something). (Also this pedal is a nice treble boost pedal.) 3d9ccd7d82

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