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Battle Of Empires: 1914-1918 - Honor Of The Empire Download For Pc [PC]

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battle of empires is set in the first world war in 1914. you play as a member of one of six nations (germany, uk, france, russia, austria-hungary and bulgaria) in a beautiful and unique wwi period setting. your nation is under attack, for reasons you will learn later on in the game, and it is your mission to repel the enemy and save the nation from collapse.

you can control the entire war by selecting the right tactic at the right time. your troops can be upgraded with weapons, cannons, tanks and aircraft. advance your troops across the battlefield, engage the enemy, and sweep across the terrain. all of the war is mapped out in detail in cut scenes, and you can save anywhere on the map using a pencil. there is a map editor within the game, that lets you easily create your own battle maps.

when the entire thing was complete, i jumped right in and started playing! in my testing of the game, i found it to be very easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. i made it my mission to master it, and it took me about eight hours to get the hang of the game. the game felt fresh and new, and the action was fast paced, but the fighting was very realistic and the real sensation was seeing the enemy get kicked in the face by your troops.

the game starts right after the great war. you are supposed to work for your corrupt government, and have to take control over an entire nation. there are six missions that take place throughout the entire length of wwi. each one has a story of its own, and the game tells your nation's path to salvation as well as the enemies. there is a campaign mode (storyline, where you go through each mission), and multiplayer (where you and up to three other people play as one of six factions, in a variety of multiplayer modes including pvp/pve) . there are three different difficulty settings, from easy to very hard. 3d9ccd7d82

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